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AirDroid 2.1.0
Sand Studio (freeware)

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Date added: 07 May, 2014
  • AirDroid is a freeware file manager for Andriod device, works from PC web browser via your internet connection flawlessly. The web address of AirDroid portal is and the connection is highly secured.
  • AirDroid doesn't need usb cable or driver installation. It uses wifi connection of your Android device and all mobile data will be available on web browser which can be transferrred easily between your mobile and computer.
  • AirDroid can transfer items like sms, photos, music, videos, contacts, ringtones etc.
  • AirDroid can take screenshot of your Android device in real time that can be saved to computer in PNG format.
  • AirDroid is an excellent file manager, supports almost every web browser.

FileHolo Editor

Pre-installation Procedure:
  1. Download file and uncompress it.
  2. Open AirDroid-2.1.0 folder to see one installable AirDroid-2.1.0.apk file and two text files (info.txt, md5.txt).
  3. Open FileHolo MD5 Checker on computer and match the MD5 Checksum of above apk file to confirm that the downloaded  application is in 100% original form. Now you can install it on your Android device.
Download this Version:
Other Versions:


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