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WiFi Manager 2.8.2
Kostya Vasilyev (freeware)

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Date added: 17 May, 2014
  • WiFi Manager is a freeware Android app for managing connections of WiFi networks.
  • It can scan and connect WiFi network automatically. Ofcourse, you need to enter security key or password for new secure network.
  • It can discover all kind of WiFi networks, either secure or open and assign your own descriptions and icons to individual WiFi networks. It will never forget any network.
  • It can switch among your favorite networks with a single tap by using the WiFi Network Switcher widget.
  • It can switch automatically between fixed and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses.
  • It has radar mode which shows live networks by channel numbers. The size of each shadow circle is proportional to signal strength of that network. This radar mode is very useful if multiple WiFi networks are present.
  • WiFi Manager is an excellent utility to manage WiFi network connections on your Android phone. Highly recommended!!!

FileHolo Editor

Pre-installation Procedure:
  1. Download file and uncompress it.
  2. Open WiFiManager-2.8.2 folder to see one installable WiFiManager-2.8.2.apk file and two text files (info.txt, md5.txt).
  3. Open FileHolo MD5 Checker on computer and match the MD5 Checksum of above apk file to confirm that the downloaded  application is in 100% original form. Now you can install it on your Android device.
Download this Version:
Other Versions:


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