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Winamp 5.666 Build 3516
NullSoft  (Freeware)


Date added: 22 February, 2014
  • Winamp is a fast, flexible and powerful media player for Windows, iOS and Android OS. It supports various audio and video formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, AVI, MPG, CDA, MKV, OGG, MP4, MPEG Video files, FLAC, Flash video, WMV, ASF, MIDI, NullSoft audio/ video files, WEBM, FLV etc. It also supports various playlist formats like M3U, M3U8, B4S, PLS, XSP etc.
  • It is highly customizable, having an Equalizer, great Playlist Editor, Colour Themes, changeable Skins, Spectrum Analyzer, detailed track information and lot more.
  • It can stream music files from your Android phone to Winamp desktop application via same wifi connection. Obviously, you need to install Android version of Winamp on your phone.
  • It can burn audio CDs from music files and ripping audio CDs into MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV or FLAC is also very easy to do.
  • It has a built-in Tags Editor with ID3v1 and ID3v2 support. You can also edit the Artwork image of playing mp3 file.
  • It has support of streaming media like more than 250 Internet TV stations and 10,000 Internet Radio Stations.
  • This Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 is probably the best ever version because it is more improved, bugs fixed version and also it does not  contain OpenCandy, Emusic, AOL Search and AOL Toolbar under installation package unlike previous versions.
  • Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 is the last version from AOL/NullSoft since Winamp is now acquired by Radionomy (in January 2014) from AOL who had bought NullSoft in June 1999.
  • The installer is free from PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) as checked by FileHolo Editor.


Technical details of this version (5.666 Build 3516):

Author: NullSoft
Title: Winamp 5.666 Build 3516
File Name: winamp5666_full_en-us.exe
File Size: 11.86 MB
Release Date: 12 December, 2013
Supported OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit systems supported)
Requirements: DirectX 9.0c
License: Freeware
PUPs Inclusion: No; (PUPs-free Installation)
Languages: English (US)
MD5 Checksum: 9E62324097B1C99250D5F4965DDDA343
QR Code:
Note: To read technical details of other versions, check 'info.txt' file in the downloaded zip file of desired version.

Change Log

What's new in this version (5.666 Build 3516):

Improved: Added a Reset button to clear history in the Open/Add URL dialog.
Disable all online features when no internet connection selected in Preferences.
Improved: Speed-up of Winamp shutdown process.
Improved: Added an option to disable the mouse wheel from altering the volume.
Improved: Increased notification area tooltips up to 128 chars (instead of 64).
Improved: [ml_history] New options for resuming playback (for podcasts or all files).
Improved: [ml_local/history/pmp] Added F8 to refresh current search.
Improved: [ml_playlists] Option to use source file instead of database-managed copy.
Fixed: Ratings-related freeze on right-clicking large selections in playlist editor.
Fixed: Length not being read when set to read titles on load.
Fixed: [ml_playlists] Remove invalid characters from playlist name on export.
Fixed: [in_flac] Removal of embedded artwork.
Fixed: [pmp_android/usb] Crash on bad path.

Complete changelog can be accessed from here. You can also read the complete Change Log details from Winamp player by going to Help > About Winamp > Version History.


Screenshots of this version (5.666 Build 3516):

Winamp Screenshot 1
Winamp Screenshot 2
Winamp Screenshot 3

FileHolo Editor

Pre-installation Procedure:
  1. Download file and uncompress it.
  2. Open winamp5.6.6.3516-full-en-us folder to see one executeable winamp5666_full_en-us.exe file and two text files (info.txt, md5.txt).
  3. Open FileHolo MD5 Checker on computer and match the MD5 Checksum of above exe file to confirm that the downloaded  application is in 100% original form. Now you can install it on PC.
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