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uTorrent 3.4.1 Build 30888
BitTorrent, Inc.  (freeware)

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Date added: 01 May, 2014
  • uTorrent is the most  popular torrent download client for Windows. It is tiny, fast, system-friendly utility having simple UI.
  • uTorrent is smart enough to auto-adjust the bandwidth usage based on your internet speed.
  • It can show all information inside the downloaded torrent file before starting downloads.
  • uTorrent uses uTP technology, ensures fast downloads without slowing down the network.
  • uTorrent has remote access feature which enables the user to access desktop client from Android app of smartphone. User can add, remove, start, stop downloads and check download progress. User can also add torrent file from his mobile browser to desktop client by using uTorrent Remote application.
  • uTorrent offers some third party services during installation process, which doesn't need for the perfect working of it. So, user can avoid these by following these screenshots.

FileHolo Editor

Pre-installation Procedure:
  1. Download file and uncompress it.
  2. Open uTorrent-3.4.1-30888 folder to see one executable utorrent.exe file and two text files (info.txt, md5.txt).
  3. Open FileHolo MD5 Checker and match the MD5 Checksum of above exe file to confirm that the downloaded  application is in 100% original form. Now you can install it on PC.
Download this Version:
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